1. Click the 'Reports' tab in the Classifiers home page and click 'Create a new report':

2. Select from the list of technologies (more than one can be selected). This is a list of all classifiers you have built to date:

3. Click 'Next step'

4. This is where you need to tell Cipher where to look for the technology(s) of interest. For example, competitor portfolios. Click 'Select organisation' to add to your report:

5. You can also include a broad keyword search. Click 'Patent search', enter you search and add the results to your report:

6. You can also upload a list of patents for Cipher to search. Click 'Patent upload' and add the list to your report: 

7. Name your report. The list on the right confirms where Cipher will be looking for matched to your Classifier. 

8. Click 'Run report'.

9. Your report is added to the queue. You can see how many patents are being processed, and how many positives Cipher has found as matched to your Classifier(s). Once complete, click on the report to open it. 

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