Adding Positive and Negative examples to your training set can be time-consuming. Here are some quick tips to help speed up the process: 

1. Upload patents by selecting 'Add Positive' or 'Add Negative'.

Copy and paste a list of patents and they will be added to your training set based on whether your select either Add Positive or Add Negative. This could be a list of patents from your own portfolio, or from a combination of other portfolios, which represent what you are/are not looking for. 

2. Use the Global Search tab to search for patents that you are NOT interested in. Mark the relevant ones as 'Negative' as a quick way to add to your training set. 

For example, if you are interested in 'wireless charging' technology, you could search for 'cable phone charger' and add Negatives from the list of results.

3. Use the Evaluate tab for a test run.
Test the classifier against a portfolio to see what any finds. Review the results and add Positives and Negatives as more examples for your training set. 

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