Cipher's 'List' view includes details of the underlying patent data in your report / chart. 

Clicking on the 'List' tab reveals all the patent data for the selections in the sidebar on the left. 

For example, here I've selected Intel under 'Organisations' and Wireless communication under 'Technologies'. The data in the List view is subsequently filtered to show patent families owned by Intel and fall into the 'Wireless communication' cluster:

You can now apply a further filter by typing a query into the search bar. 

For example, enter a keyword(s) to find patents which include this word(s) as part of the patent title and/or abstract. 

You can also apply a filter to find patent families that match a specific territory query. For example, if you only want to see patent families that only include both a US patent and a GB patent, use: 

only_in_territory:(US AND GB)

Click on the link to See guide for more information on the different filters you can apply to sort the data.

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