Known licenses

The summary table shows how many inbound (or outbound) licensing agreements are known and attributed to an organisation’s portfolio.

Additional detail can be found by scrolling below the table. 

This includes: 

  • Effective Date - date of agreement commencement
  • Licensor - name of organisation licensing out the technology 
  • Licensee - name of organisation licensing in the technology
  • Description – where known, we identify whether a licence is exclusive or non-exclusive. Cross-licenses are specifically identified. “Various” describes where there are multiple grants within the licence, which cannot be expressed at this level of summarisation. 
  • Territory – where known, this indicates the territorial coverage of the licence.Note that for worldwide licences, there may be different scopes for different rights, and further investigation may be necessary.
  • Details – provides a summary of certain key provisions for the licence. Note: some of the agreements may have expired, but these may be of interest for certain use cases.
  • Financials – provides a summary of certain financial provisions.
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