The Activity section is a chronological view of patenting activity by priority date.

FAQ: What is a priority date? Priority date is the date the first patent application in the patent family was filed.

Hovering over any point on the chart provides a more detailed view of the activity in that year:

The shaded column of the activity chart is an indication of projected patent filing activity, based on previous company behaviour and its filing trends. Note that no official data is available for the last 18 months, as all patent applications are kept confidential for 18 months, i.e. in March 2017, there is no data available after September 2015. 

To view filing activity according to the technology area, click ‘Technology’ above the chart. 

To compare the filing activity of two or more organisations, select the organisation from the sidebar on the left under ‘Organisations’. This will populate the visualisation or table you see on the right. 

Click through on any data point on the chart to expose a list of the underlying data. 

You might want to take a look at this webinar for more ideas on how Cipher insights can be used to help you understand who's doing what:

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