The conversion rate considers the family status and how many families become granted out of all that are applied for. The chart provides you with two key indicators: the percentage of patent applications that convert to grants and how many years it takes for applications to convert.

Hovering over any point in the chart will show the percentage of applications that convert to grants within a certain period of time e.g. hover on 6 and 54% appears, this means that 54% of Company X’s applications convert to grants within 6 years of the priority date. 

You can use the timeframe slider to adjust the year(s) shown in any chart.

The same view can be shown for technologies, and for comparing to other companies’ portfolios.

Any family with a member in a “major geography” (US, EPO, Germany, UK, JP, South Korea) will be considered granted with the first of the major geographies to grant. For the few families without members in major geographies, they will be considered granted when the first of any geography grant.

NOTE: Continuations don’t play a role as only the first grant is of interest for this calculation.

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