The Expiry section is a chronological representation of the number of how a portfolio’s size will decline in future.

Hovering over any point will show the maximum number of families that can be alive in any year. It only takes currently granted families into account and assumes that they will be renewed for the maximum term.

You can use the timeframe slider to adjust the year(s) shown in any chart.

NOTE: Cipher adjusts the family count according to the key jurisdiction rule. i.e. if there is a granted family member in one or many of the key jurisdictions, the family will expire only when this family member is due to expire.

Cipher considers what is due to expire, e.g. if the current size of the portfolio in June 2015 is X then the Expiry chart entry for 2015 will show the value of X minus Y, where Y are patent families that are expected to expire in the course of the year between June and December 2015.

Click through on any data point on the chart to expose a list of the underlying data. 

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