The Size section is a chronological representation of the size of a portfolio or cluster at any year in the past. 

Use the drop-down menu in the top right to change the view to either Granted and Pending, Granted only or Pending only i.e. the Pending only view is a way of considering what is in the pipeline. 

You can use the timeframe slider to adjust the year(s) shown in any chart.

Chart options:

Heatmap - This chart will display the number of patent families attributed to each technology cluster, according to portfolio. The density of the colour is an indication of the quantity of families in that cluster.

Line - Hovering over any point on the chart will show the number of granted and /or pending patent families held by the portfolio(s) or cluster at that period in time.

Pie - A depiction of % split, when either in the Technology view, and/or comparing two or more portfolios.

Treemap - A visualisation on how a portfolio is split, according to the proportion of the size of its technology clusters. The colour indicates the change in proportion or 'share' for that cluster over time, depending on the timeframe selected. When two or more portfolios and/or clusters are selected, the change in share calculation will be relative to those portfolios and/or clusters.

TIP: Compare market share by selecting the company portfolios you want to investigate, and switching to 'Technology' view. This will show you who owns more/less, according to technology cluster.

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