The Territory section is a visualisation of the geographies in which the patent portfolio is protected, with the option to include estimated expenditure by territory.

The percentage indicates what portion of the portfolio(s) or cluster(s) has a granted patent in the relevant geography. 

Hovering over any point will show what percentage of the portfolio has a granted family member in the region or country. 

Untick the box ‘SHOW AS %’ to see the number of granted patents by region or country. Hovering over any point of interest will show the count.

Select 'Show as expenditure' to see the percentage or dollar amount of an organisation's expenditure attributed to the region or country.

By selecting a region from the drop down menu above the chart (Europe, RoW) a more granular country view is shown.
RoW = Rest of World

Note that although regional protection (e.g. Europe) could be a certain percentage (when ‘Show as %’ is selected), there may not necessarily be a single country with that same coverage. For example, if an organisation owns 2 patent families, one includes a grant in Germany and one includes a grant in United Kingdom, Cipher would represent this as the organisation having 100% coverage in Europe and, when expanding to country view, 50% coverage in Germany and 50% coverage in United Kingdom. 

To view territory coverage according to the technology area, click ‘Technology’ above the chart and select from the list of Technologies in the sidebar on the left of the screen. 

To compare the territory coverage of two or more organisations, select the box next to the name of the organisation from the sidebar on the left under ‘Organisations’. This will populate the visualisation or table you see on the right

Click through on any data point on the chart to expose a list of the underlying data. 

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