What questions will this report answer for me?

  • What is the company's patent filing strategy?
  • Are there different strategies for filing different technologies?
  • Does a company prioritise filing in certain territories over others?
  • How many applications and grants are there in each territory?


  • Streamlining filing strategy, cost management, detecting discrepancies between business units or technologies
  • Uncovering and comparing competitors’ geographic strategies
  •  Comparisons over time

Cipher's Territory Waterfall analysis presents a novel view on where companies patent to help you streamline your filing strategy and save money:

  1. Run a 'General Report', searching for your organisation of interest
  2. Go to the 'List' view
  3. Click 'Options' and download the results as a .csv file
  4. Go to: www.cipher.ai/waterfall
  5. Upload the file in the 'list_csv_download' output and click 'Run script'
  6. Download your results and open the spreadsheet

Useful webinar: Geographic Waterfall Analysis - Uncovering patent filing strategies

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