Some of the charts will only show active families. Here's a quick guide to cross-check what filters are being applied in each of the tabs in your Cipher report: 

Size: Analyses active families only. The default setting is to include Granted and Pending families. The time slider will show you the number of active families in a given year. 

Activity: Includes all patents from selected portfolio/technology, to show what was filed in a given year.

Cost: Includes all patents for the select portfolio/technology that contributed to estimated expenditure in a given year. 

Conversion: Analyses all patents for the portfolio / technology (including active, lapsed, rejected). 

Age: Analyses active families only. 

Expiry: Analyses active families only. 

Territory: Analyses active granted patents only. 

Inventors: Analyses all patents for specified date range. 

List: Includes all patents. 

TIP: Click on any data point on a chart to see the list of underlying patent information. 

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