The Custom reports tab is where you can build a report by selecting the technologies and organisations that you wish to include. 

Unlike the Standard reports, which are pre-built and created in one click, in the Custom reports tab you will be guided through a three-step process to create a report tailored to your areas of interest.

Step 1: Technology

Select the technology(s) you wish to include in your report. 

Select from Automotive Technologies: a library of classifiers that define the full range of automotive technologies. 

Step 2: Companies

Select the organisations or patents you wish to analyse using the technologies selected in Step 1. 

Cipher Automotive presents 4 options for doing this:

  1. Organisation sets: OEMs and suppliers grouped by geography
  2. Organisation search: specify the name of an organisation to add to your report
  3.  Patent search: build a search string using keywords, filters and Boolean operators. Search, refine and add the results as a subset. E.g. “autonomous (vehicle or car) alive_at:2017”
  4. Patent upload: upload your selection of patent numbers as an additional set.

The blue box on the right will indicate the groups you have selected. This is easily edited by clicking the [x] next to any portfolio you wish to remove. Click Next step to progress to the final stage. 

Step 3: Options

In this final step, you need to name your report in the space provided. 

You can also elect whether to “Group in mutually exclusive technologies” or “Allow overlapping technologies”. If this option is selected, patent familiies may appear in more than one technology.

Decide if you would like the report to only show patents that match the technologies you selected, or to also show everything “unrelated” from the groups i.e. If the search identifies 500 patents from Toyota’s portfolio for Lane Keeping, do you want to see all other patents owned by Toyota. 

Finally, you can elect to only include patent families with a US member as part of the analysis. Select 'USA only' to do this (see 'Territory' in screenshot below): 

Click ‘Run report’.This will initiate the report creation and the build can be monitored by the progress bar. You do not need to keep Cipher Automotive open during this process. Once created, you’ll then be able to access your report from the Custom reports tab homepage under ‘Your reports’.

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