The menu of technologies in Cipher Automotive has been built using Cipher Classifiers: powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to patent searching. 

Unique algorithms (classifiers) have been created and trained to find specific patents in key technology areas such as Battery electric vehicles, Autonomous activation and Vehicle to everything communication (V2X). To determine and “learn” a definition of the technology, the software evaluates claims, abstracts, keywords, citations, class-codes etc. from the patent metadata. This is different to usual forms of searching which rely on keyword and semantic searching.

Cipher Classifiers are faster than conventional search methods to build and run, can be used repeatedly across report variations, and constantly improve with all refinements. 

The technologies you see in Cipher Automotive have been built and tested by Cipher and industry experts, providing you with an easily accessible menu for running a report. There is also the option to create and define your own Cipher Classifiers, which will populate a library under ‘Your Technologies’ on the Custom reports tab.

Note that the technologies you see in the Standard report use the same classifier as what you see in the Custom report menu. The difference is that the Standard reports are pre-selected, and the Custom report gives you the options to select which technologies and organisations you wish to include in a report.

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