Cipher's geographic waterfall analysis presents a novel view on how companies prioritise where they patent. 

Analyse the patenting strategy of various patent portfolios and gain a deeper understanding of their approach to national, regional and global patent protection. 

What will I find in a Territory Waterfall report? 

  • Number of members / granted territories per patent family e.g. 450 families with 2 members. 
  • Percentage of families with a grant (or application) in a jurisdiction e.g. 95% of families with 2 members have a US grant.
  • Territories are displayed in order of frequency (high to low) to quickly identify geographies of interest and filing strategy
  • Analysis can include multiple portfolios, with an option to also see filing strategy per cluster.

What questions will this report answer for me?

  • What is the company strategy for filing for patents?
  • Are there different strategies for filing different technologies?
  • Does a company prioritise when filing in a specific country, and is this strategy the same when filing in other territories?
  • How many applications and grants are in each country?

What can I do with the output? 

See an example analysis of the Territory Waterfall output here

Try for yourself: 

How to create a Territory Waterfall report

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