Cipher's Litigation Risk report aggregates and analyses patent infringement risk at technology or sector level. Identify patents litigated against your competitors or in new technology areas of interest. 

Companies are not always sued for infringement in their main product lines. For example, Starbucks is not sued for coffee technologies but rather on location based services and payment apps. This is easily uncovered with the Litigation Risk report.

What will I find in a Litigation Risk report? 

  • Litigations brought against a cohort of organisations, including NPE hit rate and who’s suing who
  • Technology ‘hotbeds’ for litigation activity
  • Profile of every Plaintiff including dispute outcome statistics
  • Statistical insights of all litigated patents 

What Questions will this Report answer for me?

  • Who are the plaintiffs in a specific cohort?
  • How many times has a company been sued for IP infringement? 
  • What proportion of litigations come from NPEs?
  • What technologies are the most litigious?
  • How many patents have a company infringed upon?

What can I do with the output?
See an example analysis of a Litigation Risk report here

Try for yourself: 

  1. How to create a Litigation Risk report
  2. How to interpret the Litigation report 

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