Understand trends in one or more technology areas. Harness the power of Cipher Classifiers to identify and compare established players or new entrants - or both.

What will I find in a Technology Landscape project? 

  • Find the patents in a particular technology space and who owns them in a unique and unprecedented way with Cipher Classifiers
  • Understand the activity of established players and new entrants over time
  • Recreate any iteration of the report, at any time 
  • Reduce the need for outsourcing

What questions will this report answer for me?

  • What patents exist in the technology landscape and who owns them?
  • Who are the emerging players?

What can I do with the output?
See an example analysis of Technology Landscape output here

What does a live report look like?
Take a look for yourself here

Try for yourself:
How to get started with Cipher Classifiers

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