There are three options as your entry point for creating a Cipher report:

To return to the home screen at any time, click the Cipher logo in the top left corner. To return to a previous search or view your search history, click the clock icon in the top right corner.


The landing page for a Cipher General report provides summary analytics on your search organisation or uploaded portfolio. You can then edit the report to include organisations of your choosing for comparison using the menu of portfolio analytics. This includes information related to litigation and licensing activity for the organisations in your report.

Executive Summary:

This dashboard is designed as a downloadable as a 1-page PDF report, offering a high-level comparative analysis of up to five patent portfolios of your choosing. Download the key to interpreting the infographic report here.

Technology Landscape:

Select Technology Landscape report if you would like to use keywords to search the patent database as your starting point. The report will display the owners of the patents you choose to include as the basis for the ‘technology’ you search for. The search function supports advanced options such as Boolean operators and wildcards, and restricting searches to specific fields. Download the Advanced Search guide here.

Litigation (export): 

This is a downloaded report (Excel file) providing statistical insights on the U.S. IP litigation landscape surrounding corporate portfolios based on your search. 


The Acquisition dashboard provides a view useful to evaluating possible acquisition targets. It provides a visual snapshot of the Target’s portfolio by technology clusters, and how the technology areas compare across the portfolios of the 7 most comparable organisations. A chart showing the Litigation balance between all organisations in the report will also inform you of activity in the space.

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