The Acquisition dashboard is a visual snapshot of the landscape around a portfolio that you might be thinking of acquiring, showing information to help you judge the quality and risk associated with it.

Technology Areas in Target portfolio
Technology overlap across comparable portfolios
Balance of litigation activity across comparable portfolios
The Age profile of the Target portfolio

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Technology areas in Target portfolio: how the portfolio breaks down by technologies, according to Cipher’s clustering algorithm. This allows you to quickly identify anything you may not have been aware of, as it includes pending as well as granted patent families.

Technology areas across Comparables: a view on how much overlap similar portfolios have with the Target’s portfolio, broken down according to the technologies identified in the Target’s portfolio.

Litigation balance: a view on how litigious the space is by comparing the Target to other organisations. The section captures the number of US IP litigations per organisation, and the balance as either Plaintiff or Defendant. 

Age Profile: the breakdown of the portfolio according to the age makeup of the patent families. The chart indicates the number of families by age in years. 

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