The technology portfolio can be analysed using the menu of analytics across top: Size, Activity, Conversion, Age, Expiry, Territory, Inventors, List.

If your report contains patents from >28 owners, an additional option called 'Next X organisations' will be added under the list of organisations. 

You can find out how to revel this next cohort of organisations by following this tutorial: 

The List view will display all the patents you selected from your search results.

Click ‘Options’ to download the list for further analysis.

You can use the search bar in the List bar to refine the list of patents. Your new selection can be used to generate a new Technology Landscape OR General report by selecting:
‘Options’ > ‘New technology report from results’
OR ‘New general report from results’. 

The General report option will treat this list of patents as a custom portfolio, allowing you to identify most similar portfolios.

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