A General report provides summary analytics on your search organisation or uploaded portfolio. 

You can then edit the report to include organisations of your choosing for comparison using the menu of portfolio analytics.

You can slice the data in a number of ways. For example: comparing the portfolios of 2 - 32 companies, understanding filing trends by technology split, or a view on how many Standard Essential Patents a portfolio has.

The sidebar on the left-hand side allows you to restrict the current view to only relating to the Organisations and Technologies you have selected.

Additionally, many charts will offer a number of options to what you are seeing:

  • Sort the chart to show data either according to company or by the technology (clusters) split. 
  • Select your preferred visualisation 
  • Sort the data according to e.g. Granted, Pending, or Granted + Pending
  • Use the time slider to select the period of time you want the chart to reflect.

Size: a view on portfolio size, showing the number of granted and alive, and pending families at any point in time.

Conversion: a view on the percentage of applications that convert into granted patents and the length of time it takes to convert.

Age: a view on the length of time a patent grant or application has been maintained for.

Expiry: projected future portfolio size, taking expiry of current families into account.

Activity: a view on the number of patent family applications filed over time.

Cost: a view on the estimated annual expenditure for a portfolio over time.

Territory: a portfolio’s geographical coverage.

Disputes: identification of NPE actions, litigation activity and details (U.S. instances only).

Inventors: the names of the top inventors attributed to the selected portfolio(s).

List: detailed information related to all of the patents in the report.

Licenses and Standards: any information relating to inbound and outbound patent licenses, and any standard essential patents.

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