The Cipher Litigation report considers the organisation(s) litigation history as a Defendant.

1. Select ‘Litigation (export)’ report from the drop-down menu on the homepage.

2. Search for the organisation of interest and click ‘Run report’. 

Review the organisations to be included in your report by clicking ‘Add organisation' in the left sidebar. Cipher will default to including the seven most comparable organisations in your report. 

• Click the button ‘Download Litigation Summary’
• A new tab will open in your browser where the report will generate
• Once the report has loaded, click ‘Download result’
• The Litigation report can be saved and opens as an Excel file

Find out:

  • Number of new defensive litigations per organisation per year
  • Technology clusters of all asserted patents against the company(s) in your report
  • Plaintiff details including number of litigations and outcomes
  • A view on how litigious a particular sector is. Visualisations to illustrate the number of litigated patents in a specific technology cluster over time. 
  • Functionality to filter the report and show information that is relevant to you.

Webinar: Litigation data & reports in Cipher

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