Enter the name of any organisation to start your Cipher search. As you type, results will be suggested below.

Organisational groupings in Cipher have been verified to identify all known subsidiaries, name changes, acquisitions, mergers, etc.

To help you identify the correct organisations and/or assignees of interest, additional information about each portfolio is displayed below each result. Hover on any of the icons to preview the underlying data:

  • The blue icon + count :  the number of members (assignees) which have been grouped under the organisation's patent portfolio
  • The briefcase icon + count : an approximation of the number of active patent families included in a portfolio
  • The scales icon + count : the number of US IP litigations this organisations has been involved in as either Plaintiff or Defendant
  • The approximate address of the organisation's HQ

TO CREATE A REPORT: Hover on the name and click "Run Report"

Combining Assignees 

You can select members independently to create a custom portfolio, should you want to select only some assignees from a portfolio, or combine them with assignees from a separate portfolio. 

Click on the number of 'members' e.g. to unpack the list, and then hover on the assignee name and click 'Add to report'.

Not getting any search results?

Cipher won't return results if: 

  1. The organisation holds no patents under the same assignee name
  2. Patents filed by the organisation have not yet published
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