You can upload data to create a Cipher report in the following ways:

  • Upload a list of patent numbers
  • Upload patent numbers + specify technology clusters 
  • Upload patent numbers + specify technology clusters +  specify organisations/portfolios

You can omit the heading row of the CSV/TSV if you wish. Any row that doesn't contain a patent is ignored.

NOTE: There is no limit to the amount of data you can upload.

Copy the data from the source (e.g. spreadsheet). The tool supports a variety of formats (see below). Specify what you want to see in your report i.e. Cipher clusters or your own. 

Supported formats

You can use a list of publication IDs (e.g. "US12345A1").

The tool is designed to support copying and pasting from spreadsheets, but will handle any kind of plain text too.

It will handle the following kinds of IDs:

Full with kind code e.g. US12345B1
Full without kind code e.g.US12345
Number only (Important: these are assumed to be US patents) e.g. 12345 

The tool doesn't assume anything about file format (e.g. CSV, TSV, one per line) and tries to figure out different formats.

Examples of supported publication number formats:

Simple comma separated on one line


One per line:




Combination of lines and spaces:

US12345 US8172727A1



US12345,US8172727A1 GB737373


Also, where the country code is separate from the number. E.g.:




This will also work:

US,1234 GB 82829


US 82828

Missing Publications

If there are missing publications you may want to check if any seem incorrect. This could indicate bad data, or it is possible that very new patents will not yet be in Cipher.

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