You can apply filters to the data anytime you are: 

  1. In the 'List' view 
  2. Building a query for a Technology Landscape report

These are some of the most useful queries for helping you to sort the data, as recommended by our in-house Strategy team: 

1. NOT only_in_territory:CN
Filters out patent families with only Chinese members

2. status:(granted OR pending)
Filters for status of the patent families. This can also apply to rejected or expired patents.

3. alive_at:[2008 TO 2018]
Filters for patents that were alive in a certain year/time period

4. granted_in_territory: US (or pending_in_territory:US)
Filter for patent families with a granted (or pending) member in specified territory. 

5. cpc_code: "C11D 3/162"
Filter for patents which have a specific CPC code. 

For a full list of all queries you can use to filter data, please see guide.

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