Cipher uses a combination of trusted data sources to provide accurate analytics:

IFI Claims

Cipher uses a state of the art, high quality, consistent and comprehensive database provided by IFI CLAIMS. The global patent data covers 105 territories, over 100 million records, and aggregates patent information from over 50 national and international data sources into one single repository.

1790 Analytics’ industry leading corporate tree

Cipher uses the best corporate tree available on the market, provided by 1790Analytics, and further improves corporate grouping using a combination of machine learning algorithms and manual checks.

USPTO and EPO metadata

Cipher tracks USPTO patent reassignments, which typically occur in the context of patent transactions. Cipher also tracks legal status events, such as rejections and renewal fee payments, through the EPO’s worldwide legal status database INPADOC. INPADOC covers over 40 international patent authorities worldwide.

MaxVal’s curated US litigation database

Cipher contains information on US litigation, including patents, products, plaintiff,defendant, court, judge, law firm, and outcome of cases. The data, curated and supplied by MaxVal, is a comprehensive collection of cases obtained from multiple sources, including PACER.

RPX’s Non-Practicing Entity tagging

Cipher shows whether litigation involves a non-practicing entity (NPE or “patent troll”) or an operational company. This information, which complements MaxVal’s comprehensive US litigation dataset, is provided by RPX.

ktMINE’s licence agreement database
Cipher provides curated information on IP licenses and royalty rates from corporate filings in the US and Europe. This dataset is provided by ktMine.

IPLytics’ curated list of Standard Essential Patents
Cipher keeps track of whether companies own any Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)and in which technology domain. This information is obtained from IPLytics.

£$€ The world’s most comprehensive portfolio cost data
Cipher estimates all the associated costs of obtaining and maintaining each patent,such as translation fees, foreign counsel feeds, and chosen filing route. This estimate is calculated based from comprehensive cost data supplied by 80+ patent attorney firms.

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