What litigation data can I find in a Cipher report?

Cipher reports capture events where patents have been litigated in the following US courts:

• CAFC - United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
• District Court
• Supreme Court

This comprehensive database is supplied by MaxVal: it covers patent litigations filed since 1980, including over 71,000 cases.

What is a NPE?

NPE stands for Non-Practising Entity: a patent-holding organisation that does not manufacture or produce goods. The following can be applicable under this definition:

• Company
• Individual
• Law Firm
• University
• Government
• Research Organization
• Consortium

Cipher will tag instances of litigation instigated by an NPE which can refer to any of the above, including 'patent trolls'. Data related to NPE activity is provided by RPX. More information on the risk posed by patent troll NPEs can be found here.

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