One method of creating or starting a report in Cipher is through an organisation search. This report will give you insights into a portfolio(s) such as geographical coverage, size, filing trends etc. There are over sixty data visualisations to select from the report output.

Create  organisation search in two different ways:

  • Starting a new report:

  • Creating a 'Quick Organisation Search':

Starting a new Organisation Search:

1. Click 'Start' to begin your report.

2. Enter the name of any organisation in the 'Organisation Search' view to start your Cipher search. As you type, results will be suggested below.

3. Add the portfolio into your report by clicking the tick icon.

4. Click 'Next.' Now, you will be able to name your report, select clustering and run the report.

Creating a 'Quick Organisation Search'

The quick organisation search is designed to help you create a report in just a few clicks:

If you are a pro user, this output of the report will include the organisation you searched for, plus the seven most similar/comparable portfolios. 

If you are a lite user, the output of the report will only show analytics of the single organisation that you searched for.

Combining assignees:

You can create a custom portfolio by selecting assignees from a portfolio, or combine them with assignees from separate portfolios (see suggested article below).

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