Edit your report to add more portfolios

The edit icon will make a copy of any report by including the parameters (i.e. the organisations / technologies that are initially part of the report). By editing a report, Cipher will create a duplicate the report with the addition of any changes made.

You will find the edit icon:

  • At the top right of any report

  • In the Report History page 

NOTE: Only the owner of a report has permission to edit reports. In the example above, the 'Electrical power systems' report has been shared from another user and therefore, there is no option to edit the report.

  1. Click the edit icon. 

  2. This will take you to the parameters of the report. At this point, all of the organisations or technologies from your initial report will be included.

  3.  You now have the opportunity to add or remove organisations/technologies.

  4. Click 'Next' to generate a new report

Tip: Use the edit icon to re-run reports with real-time and updated data

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