Combining Assignees within a portfolio/Organisation

You can create a custom portfolio in your Cipher report by selecting assignees from a single portfolio, or multiple separate portfolios. The power is in your hands! The result is that the assets of these entities are combined within the report, and are given the portfolio name that you provide in the steps below.

1. Select New Report tile

2. Search for an organisation in the 'Organisation search' view

3. You also have the option to unpack the portfolio to view the corporate grouping structure of the selected Organisation, by clicking on the red dropdown arrow to the left of the Organisation name:

4. Hold down the 'shift' or 'ctrl' button on your keyboard.

5. Click the tick icons to add multiple organisations or assignees into your report. Once selected the ticks will turn into crosses, to show the assignees that have been added to your report:

Handy Hint: Once you've pressed 'shift' once, and selected your first portfolio or assignee (selected the tick), you can then type and search for additional entities in the search bar if the portfolio you wish to combine into one, isn't already on the screen.

6. Name your custom report, and select 'Add':

7. The combined portfolio listed above, will then be shown as 'Bosch Combined Assignees' as the organisation name in your report. You can then continue to add other portfolios to the report above, if you wanted to compare the 'Bosch combined assignees' assets, to others.

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