What is a Keyword Search?

A Keyword Search will help you to identify the patents in a particular technology space and who owns them, as well as understand the activity of established players and new entrants.

Starting a new Keyword Search

Create a Keyword Search by clicking 'Start' to generate a new report:

1. Click 'Start' to create a new report and on the next screen, click 'Switch to Keyword Search'

2. Enter a search phrase using keywords and Boolean Operators

Tip: Click 'See guide', located above the text-box to view a full list of search fields and operators (or view this in the suggested articles below).

3. Click 'Search' to view patent families returned from your search string

4. Click 'Add' to include these into your report

5. Click 'Next' where you will have the option to name your report, select the clustering, grouping and 'Run report'

By grouping the patents that form part of your search string, Cipher will present separate organisations that own the patents found from your search query.

When deselecting ‘group by owner’, Cipher will generate a report that will display patent families as part of one single portfolio.

Suggested Articles:

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