Cipher Automotive Instant Insights give you a quick a high-level overview of selected technologies and companies. 

This is a cached report that is updated weekly to give you insights into what OEMs or Tier 1 suppliers are patenting.

How to create Automotive Instant Insights reports:

To create the report, make three selections. Decide on your preference for:

  • Region: This is the HQ of the OEM or Supplier. E.g. Ford is a US company and Toyota is a Japanese company

  • Technology: Select from ten high-level automotive technologies, or the ‘overview’ feature

  • OEMs or Suppliers: Original Equipment Manufactures or Tier 1 suppliers 

For example, if the following selections were made from the report:

Region: Europe,
Technology: Internal combustion

The report would show European Suppliers that have patent families in internal combustion technologies.

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