Once you create a report in Cipher, this will automatically go into your Report History library. If your report has not finished building, this is where you will be able to monitor its status and access it once completed.

There is no limit to the number of reports you have in your Report History, but they do expire after 3 months and will be removed from the list.

If you wish to keep them, you have to make sure you save them.

The elements of the Report History are:

Report – contains the report name.

Click on the red save icon to keep your report and send a copy to the Saved reports library.

Owner – contains the name of the creator – useful if working in a team.

Created – shows you the creation date.

Last used – shows you the date you have last used the report.

The status – shows you the status of your report: started, completed, queued or failed.

Click on the red bin icon to delete the report. 

The arrows from the left bottom corner of the window will allow you to navigate between pages.

Copy parameters

Save time by loading a previously created report and editing the organisations or technologies within it. 

To copy the report parameters and use them as a starting point for a new report, click on the red document icon in the recent or saved reports libraries.

By default, the organisations or technologies from your previously created report will be included as its 'initial parameters'. 

You now have the opportunity to add or remove organisations or technologies into the report.

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