Before you run your report, Cipher will ask you to select clustering.

Cluster one portfolio:
Cipher will look at all of the patent families from the 'target' (clustered) portfolio and create technology clusters based on their active portfolio. (Refer to the suggested articles at the bottom of the page for information on how technology clusters are generated and named). 

Clustering to one portfolio will allow you to see if there is any cross over between the 'target' portfolio and other portfolios.

Some questions to ask:

Q. What technology areas does Cipher generate from the ‘target’ (clustered) portfolio?

Q. What are the technology areas that cross over? In what technology clusters are my competitors also filing and innovating in?

Q. Do my competitors have more patent families than me in specific technology clusters?

Clustering multiple portfolios:
Cipher will take into consideration and create technology clusters from all of the patent families of all of the selected portfolios.

For example, you may want to understand what the top technology areas are in a specific industry. To do this, you can add all of the portfolios of interest into a report, i.e. all sports companies (Nike, Adidas, Fila, Callaway Golf). As a result, there will be no ‘unrelated’ patent families.

Suggested Articles:

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