Cipher Classifiers use specific terminology and it is important to be familiar with the key terms in order to better build and use this tool.

The list below names and defines the most important terms associated with Classifiers:

Add to Classifiers:
The option to add a patent family as a positive, negative, or ignore, into the classifier training set 

Add to manual queue:
The option to add patent families to a list of patents in a separate queue. A maximum of ten patent families will appear and be visible in the list 

Build/rebuild Classifier:
This action will re-calibrate the training set using any new patent families that have been included since the last build 

Classifier class:
Identifies the patent family as positive, negative or ignore based on the score 

Delete Classifier:
Permanently deletes the classifier from the system 

Tests precision and recall by running the classifier against a ‘patent search’ ‘patent upload’ or ‘organisation search’ 

Family ID:
Cipher’s identification of a patent family 

Global Search:
A keyword search of patent titles and/or abstracts using Boolean logic. Use the Advanced Search Guide to add other metadata into the search 

Neither a positive or negative patent example.  

Name of technology:
The name of your classifier 

Refresh suggestions:
Loads more suggested patent families 

Scope notes:
A description of the technology to use as a reminder/explanation of the Classifier 

An indication of how related or unrelated the software sees the technology     

See guide:
Directs you to theCipher Advanced Search Guide 

Show Search History:
This will load the last fifty unique search strings that was entered in the ‘global search’ view    

Strength bar:
An indication of how confident the machine is in learning your technology 

Suggested patent families by reference to the links in the citations, based on the data in the training set

Training set:
A list of all the positive, negative and ignored patent families that has been selected

Upload negatives:
Bulk upload patent numbers or patent family IDs as negative examples into the training set 

Upload positives:
 Bulk upload patent numbers or patent family IDs as positive examples into the training set

User class:
What the user has classified the patent family  

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