Classifiers are a Cipher specific product and offer a next generation, machine learning and AI approach to finding patents relating to a certain technology.

A Classifier is an algorithm you train to identify patent families belonging to a technology. This is done by giving the algorithm examples of what should fall within (positive) and outside (negative) of your technology scope. 


  • Accessible: do not need to be a patent tool or technical expert to generate reports and insights

  • Efficient: less patents need to be read by you/your team to obtain same results

  • Versatile: can be used to find any broad or niche technology

  • Smart: covering your blind spots by having the system suggest patents to review

Once built, the Cipher Classifier sits in your account library and is available to use on demand. This means that it can be used repeatedly for any number of reports that you wish to generate.

See your the last three Classifiers you created in the Recent Classifiers tile on you Cipher homepage. Clicking on the Classifier name will direct you to the interface which allows you to edit your training set or run reports.

To access you full library and the classifier building interface, click on "see more". 

Depending on your type of contract, you can build your own Classifiers or we can build them for you. 

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