Work more efficiently by selecting and saving favourite charts to any number of custom dashboard to fit your needs.

You can select custom charts so that when you create any report in the future, your report is formatted with the same chart options at the click of a button.

  • Step 1 - Create any report

  • Step 2 - From the report dashboard, select the tick in the top right of any chart to add to your 'selected charts' for that report. You can see below that three of the charts have a visible blue tick in the top right corner, which means they have been added to the selected charts for that report. You can then also click 'show only selected charts' in the top right of your report to view only those with the blue tick, focusing in on your charts of interest only.

  • Step 3 - To add these chart selections to a saved list of charts which can be applied to any report, click the red 'tick' icon in the top left of your report screen and select 'save'. You can then give that set of charts a name such as 'Competitor analysis' or 'technology trends' for example:

  • Step 4 - In any future report, this selection of charts can then be applied. In any report, select the tick in the top left of the report, and select load to apply your custom chart set:

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