Search the landscape to find patents that are associated to automotive technologies. 

1. Add automotive classifiers into the report. 

2. Switch to the 'Keyword Search'

3. Use the most appropriate terminology, by combining keywords and Boolean operators, to create a search string that captures the results that you wish to pass through your classifier technology filter.

In the example below, I have requested for those patent families with a publication date of 1st Sep 2019 to 1st October 2019 to be added to the report.

4. Cipher will return a number of patent families from the query. Add this into the report using the red button 'Add to report'.

Tip: Click 'see guide' above the search box to review guidance notes relating to Boolean operators and search strings.  

5. The filtered results added to the report, will only include those patent families with a publication date between the dates entered to the keyword search. The classifier will then filter, and remove, the unrelated patent families that fall outside of the classifier technology area.

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