What is the geography waterfall report?

The geography waterfall analysis will help to identify an organisation's strategy for filing patents. Create the report by including one, or multiple organisations and.

The Geography Waterfall report will uncover the following questions:

- What is the filing prioritisation strategy for each organisation across different territories? What are my competitors’ geographic strategies? 

- What are the filing trends for different jurisdictions over time?

- Are there different filing strategies for different technology clusters? Geographic filing can be compared at a portfolio and cluster level

How to create the geography waterfall report:

  1. Click 'Start' to create a new report

  2. Using the organisation search functionality, add portfolios into the report

  3. When you're happy with your selection, click 'done'. From here you can name your report and select clustering

  4. After running the report, click the 'download' icon in the top left hand corner of your report (below). Then click the 'Geographic Waterfall' option to begin your excel download.

Note: The report output will show the number of grants in each country

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