What is the Quality export report?

Additional analytics such as Quality are available in all Cipher reports and they can be accessed from the side menu.

The Quality export report is ideal if you are dealing with a large portfolio and need a recommendation of which patent families you should focus on first. This report provides you with a suggested ranking which is based on what represents value to you and how you score 3 key factors: Age, Citations and Geography.

How to create the Quality export report:

  1. Click 'Start' to create a new report

  2. Using the organisation search, keyword search or patent upload functionality, add portfolios into the report

  3. When you're happy with your selection, click 'done'. From here you can name your report and select clustering

  4. After running the report, click the 'download' icon in the top left hand corner of your report (below). Then click the 'Cipher Quality' option to begin your excel download.

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