The Quality export report is ideal if you are dealing with a large portfolio and need a recommendation of which patent families you should focus your attention on first. 

The report is an Excel download containing 2 main tabs: Summary and Families.


This tab provides you with a suggested ranking of the top 20 patent families from the whole of the portfolio.

The ranking is based on what represents value to you and how you score 3 key factors: Age, Citations and Geography.  The default values are balanced at 0.5 as displayed at the top of this tab. 

You can choose to place value on:

Age: young (0), balanced (0.5) or old patents (1.0)
Citations: the weight applied to the citations score in the report (number of forward citations)
Geography: the weight applied to the geography score in the report (narrow or wide geographical coverage)

The weight controls how much each factor is used in the final score. 

If Citations and Geography are equal (i.e. 0.5 for both citations and geography) then the score places equal emphasis on the two factors. 

If one is double the other (i.e. 0.5 for citations, and 1 for Geography) then Geography will count twice as much i.e you're saying that Geography is twice as important to the final score.

If either of the weights is zero, then that factor is ignored.

Clicking on the red 'View' hyperlink will take you the family view in Cipher.


This tab provides you with a detailed view of families in your report allowing you to filter very easily by your fields of interest.

This table looks at key family data such as: portfolio, status, age, number of citations and protected territories.

There is also an additional valuable perspective through the following:

  • Age - age in years

  • Citations - number of forward citations

  • Citations corrected - a calculation that normalises the citations score in proportion to the age of the family, and technology. It’s the ratio of citations to that family, compared to a typical family in that technology and of that age.

  • Country score - this is given to the country, and is based on the GDP of the country for example, US + China is worth more than UK + Spain. In addition to this, live applications score half when compared to a grant.

  • Score - this is given to the family based on the selected criteria

  • Rank - this positions the families based on the score, making it easy to select the top 10 for example

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