Cipher n/d helps with the problem of patent licensing involving companies with large global portfolios in the following scenarios:

  • Cross-licensing, to help calculate an estimate of a cross-license with another company

  • Royalty payments attributable to multiple organisations

  • Monetisation, to compare outcomes of patent sale versus licensing

  • Acquisitions, to provide objective evidence of potential value when purchasing patent portfolios

  • Patenting, to correlate portfolios to revenue and market share data

How to create the Cipher n/d report:

  1. Click 'start' in the 'New n/d report' tile of the Cipher home page

  2. Select the organisations of interest, or upload a list of patents to simulate a custom portfolio

  3. Click 'next' to name and run the report

  4. Select whether to 'allow overlapping technologies' (default), or 'group in mutually exclusive technologies. (more information on these options can be found here).

  5. Once the report has loaded, click the report options icon in the top right of the report screen (red circle with three dots).

  6. From here, download the n/d report as an Excel export

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