The patent upload tool is designed to support copying and pasting from spreadsheets, but will handle any kind of plain text too. You simply paste a list of publication IDs (e.g. "US12345A1").

Among different formats of publications, it will recognise things such as:

  • Full with kind code e.g. GB12345B1

  • Full without kind code e.g. US12345

  • With dashes e.g. US-7123456-B2

  • Full with kind code repeated e.g. US7123456BB

  • Full name postfix .e.g. 123456 United Kingdom

  • Full name prefix e.g. Japan,6298188A

  • Full with additional detail e.g. U.S. Patent No. 7,654,322 B

  • Cipher Family ID: C0xxxxx

Examples of supported publication number formats:

One per line:




When pasting patent numbers to the upload window shown above, please be sure check if there is one patent number on each line (as above) or multiple. If there are multiple, un-tick the option 'My data is neat, one patent per line' before selecting to 'upload' the patents:

Examples of supported publication number formats (Continued):

Lines and spaces:

US12345 EP1548740A2


Simple comma separated on one line:


Also, where the country code is separate from the number. E.g.:


WO 2015/025152



These will also work:

JP 82828

U.S. Patent No. 7,654,322 B

Missing Publications

If there are missing publications you may want to check if any seem incorrect. This could indicate bad data, or it is possible that very new patents will not yet be in Cipher.

If you have any queries relating to the patent upload section of Cipher, please contact the support team.

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