Once you create a report, it will automatically sit in your Report History. Any unsaved reports expire after six months of inactivity (no views). This article guides you through the steps to save reports and tag them, so that you can easily navigate, manage and filter the reports in your report history.

Save your report

If you wish to keep a report indefinitely you will need to save it, and you can do that in two ways:

1. After creating your report, select the Save Report icon in the top right of your report dashboard:

2. Whilst in your Report History, (To access, select the clock icon in the top right of your Cipher screen) find the report that you wish to save. The search bar at the top of your report history can help you to locate the report. Most recently created or viewed reports, show at the top of your history. Select the Save Report icon next to the report.

Tag your report

You may wish to tag a saved report, in order to organise and categorise them to make them easier to find later. You can do that in two ways:

1) From the report Dashboard:

After creating your report, and saving using the Save Report icon, you will then have the tag icon available to you:

You can then create a '+New' tag, or apply an existing tag, directly from within your report:

2) From the Report History:

In your report history, you have access to all reports including saved reports.

Report 'tags' are created by you, and allow you to filter your saved reports. (Note that a report must be saved before a tag can be applied). You can apply one or more tags to each report.

You can use the filter to the top left of the Report History page, in order to view all Saved reports. Any Report tags are shown below the report name in grey:

To create a tag, hover over the report that you wish to create a tag for, and select the red tag to the right:

You are then given the option to apply previously created tags, or to create '+New':

Handy Hint: If you wish to create a tag and apply to multiple reports, simply click the 'box' to the left of the reports that you wish to apply the tag to, and then select 'Tag 3 selected' shown above the report list:

To apply previously created tags to one or multiple reports, repeat these steps above and select from the list of selected tags in the list.

Filter Reports to selected tags

In the Report filter drop down in the top right of your Report History, you can filter to selected tags applied to your saved reports, or you can filter to 'All tagged reports':

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