Cipher's Patent Families list includes details of the underlying patent data in your report

1. Clicking on the 'Patent Families List' icon in the top left of your report reveals ALL the patent data in your report whether granted, pending, inactive or expired for example.

Please note that any selections made from the 'organisations', 'technology', 'territory' and 'time' dropdown filters available in the top right of your report, will also be applied to the patent families list when clicking through to the patent families list.

2. Click the 'Columns' dropdown field to add additional columns to the family view such as 'pending territories', PVIX score and future cost to name a few:

3. In the search bar at the top, you can apply further filters to the families of your report using Boolean logic. For example, enter a keyword(s) to find patents which include specific word(s) as part of the patent title and/or abstract. This is useful to further filter the results of your report whether it's a report applying classifiers or a clustered report. It simply breaks down the results further to the keyword term of interest.

You can also apply a filter to find patent families that relate to a specific inventor or owner for example. (click 'see guide' above the text box to see all operators and supported fields).

4. If you want to break down the results of a report into further detail without a specific keyword term of interest, there is the option to cluster the results of your report. Cipher clustering looks for similarities in the patent families and clusters them into technology groups or clusters based on the title, abstract, CPC codes and citations. To do this for your selection of patent families, click the options icon in the top right of the family view, and select to 'cluster this list'. Cipher will then generate a new report for you from the family list, and will break it down into technology clusters for further review.

5. If you wish to create a new report from a list and edit the report parameters, click 'options' in the top right of the screen, and 'Start new report from list'. You may wish to do this add further portfolios to the report, or add a patent upload to compare to the selected patent families list:

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