Cipher's Data chart includes details of the underlying patent data in your report

1. Clicking on the 'Data: Patent Families List' chart reveals all the patent data in the selections from the 'organisations', 'technology' and 'territory' dropdown, as well as other meta-data points.

2. Click 'Columns' to add additional metadata points

3. Click 'Show search' to reveal a text box. You can now apply further filters using Boolean logic. For example, enter a keyword(s) to find patents which include specific word(s) as part of the patent title and/or abstract. You can also apply a filter to find patent families that match a specific territory query. (click 'see guide beneath the textbox to see all operators and supported fields). For example, if you only want to see patent families that only include both a US patent and a GB patent, use: only_in_territory:(US AND GB).

If you wish to create a new report from the filtered results, click 'options' and 'create a new report'

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