How to access the Cipher automotive taxonomy

  1. Click start to create a new report

  2. In the report technologies section on the right hand-side, click 'Select Classifiers'. Cipher will present a taxonomy of 200+ Automotive Classifiers

Automotive classifier definitions

Click on the information icon ‘i’ next to the individual automotive technologies to view the Cipher Automotive definition.

3. Select a tick box next to the Automotive Classifiers that you wish to add into your report.

4. Select the red 'Done' button to move to the finalise your selection of classifiers for the report.

5. Choose whether you wish to apply the classifier filters against an organisation search, a keyword search or a patent upload.

6. Select 'Next' to run your report.

Tip: You may you wish to run a classifier filter against the global landscape of patent families. The Classifier Landscape report runs a classifier against every patent family with a priority date since 1985 (roughly 45 million patent families).  

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