After generating any report, you can filter the data, extract useful information and then use it to create a new report.This is fast, efficient and intuitive.

To create a new report from filtered data, follow the steps below:

  1. From the carts selection go to the Data: Patent Families List, or click on any data-point within a graph/chart

  2. Extract information by:

  •  Applying filters from the Organisations, Technologies and Territories dropdown 

  • Clicking 'Columns' to add/remove metadata such as inventor, cost, etc (There are twenty-two options to choose from)

  • Clicking 'Show Search' to use keywords and Boolean operators to narrow your results. To view all operators and search fields, click 'see guide'

3.Click on 'Options' and 'Create new report'

4. Name you new report when prompted

5. Click 'create' and build your report

This new report will help you explore the selected data in more detail.

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