This feature runs up to 10 classifiers against every patent family with a priority date since 1985 (roughly 45 million patent families).

1. From the Cipher homepage you can select your classifiers by clicking "start" icon on the Classifier Landscape tile:

2. The next page will show all your available classifiers. 

Find a classifier and click the button to the left of its name to add it to the report:

Once you've added your selected classifiers to the report, select 'Next':

Choose a name and click start to run the report:

3. You will then receive an email at which point the report has just been started*. 

Once it has started, it will roughly take 1 hour per classifier until completion.

4. You will receive an email on completion with the link to the report attached. 

*If the system is particularly busy, the report might not start straight away but will be added to a queue.

5. You will find this report in your recent history when you next sign in to Cipher:

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