Industrial Automation Organisation Sets provides you with a pre-set list of over 300 organisations in the various areas of Industrial Automation.

The sets of organisations are suggested by either technology and territory, and allow you to instantly populate a set of organisations to a Cipher report. 

The 'Other' category includes a list of 'Top Universities', 'All NPE's' and a combined group of 'All IA organisations' (The 'All IA Organisations' group combines all organisations found in the technology category, and excludes Universities and NPEs). 

All IA organisation sets are available to you if your subscription includes Cipher IA classifiers, and can be found in the 'Organisation Sets' tab:

How to create a report using Organisation Sets:

Use organisation sets to add a list of pre-defined organisations to a report. Simply click the organisation set in red that you wish to add to the report.

Once clicked, the full list of organisations in that set, is added to the report. If you wish, you can then remove specific organisations from the report by clicking the red 'x' to the right of the organisation name:

Alternatively, you can also add additional organisations by clicking the 'switch to organisation search' tab in the top left of the screen:

Click 'Next' to view the output of the report.

Handy Hint: You can also apply Industrial Automation classifier filters to the report to see in which technology areas these organisations are filing/have filed e.g. add the 'North American Companies' organisation set to the report, and apply the 'Robotics' classifier.

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