Automotive Organisation Sets provides you with a pre-set list of more than 250 top organisations in the Automotive industry.

The sets of organisations are divided by supplier or OEM, and also by territory, and allow you to instantly populate a set of organisations to a Cipher report. 

Cipher also provides organisation sets by vehicle type such as electric vehicle manufacturers, commercial vehicle manufacturers and heavy vehicle manufacturers, to instantly populate a set of organisations to a report who operate in these areas.

Handy Hint: Cipher also provides organisation sets for top technology companies within a particular jurisdiction. This is a quick and easy way to see if any non-automotive companies own patents in areas like autonomous driving or connectivity.

All automotive organisation sets are available to you if your subscription includes Cipher Automotive classifiers, and can be found in the Organisation set tab:

How to create a report using Organisation Sets:

Use organisation sets to add a list of pre-defined organisations to a report. Simply click the organisation set in red that you wish to add to the report.

Once clicked, the full list of organisations in that set, is added to the report. If you wish, you can then remove specific organisations from the report by clicking the red 'x' to the right of the organisation name:

Click 'Next' to view the output of the report.

Handy Hint: You can also apply Automotive classifier filters to the report to see in which technology areas these organisations are filing/have filed e.g. add the 'Worldwide top 10 OEMs' organisation set to the report, and apply the 'Autonomous Systems (Overview)' classifier.

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