Organisation Sets are a list of organisations that allow you to instantly populate a set of organisations to a Cipher report. Some of these are pre-populated by the Cipher team, and you also have the flexibility to create your own custom organisation sets. Read on to learn more.

Organisation Set Types

Some of these organisation sets are created by the Cipher team and relate to sets of organisations that may be of interest to all Cipher users such as 'All Universities' or 'All NPE's' (patent trolls) for example.

Other organisation sets are available that link to our custom taxonomies such as Automotive or Industrial Automation and consist of 'Global Automotive suppliers' or 'All robotics' companies for example. This is to ensure a quick and easy way to apply a group of organisations to your report. Speak to a member of the Cipher team to request for any of these organisation sets to be added to your account.

You can also create your own custom organisation sets so that you can easily apply a group of the same organisations to multiple reports. The custom org sets can be private to you, or you can choose to share them across all users in your organisation.

How to access pre-populated Cipher Organisation sets

Organisation sets can be found in the Organisation set tab when creating a new report. 

It is a quick and easy way to add a list of organisations to a report, whether thats a list of Universities or NPE's, or organisations relevant to the Automotive or Industrial Automation sector. If I click one of the hyperlinks shown in the screenshot above, the list of organisations is automatically added to the report:

How to create your own custom Organisation Set

Click the 'New Report' tile. Add the selected organisations to your report.

In your organisation 'basket' on the right, click the floppy disk icon next to where it says 'organisations':

Give your set of organisations a name i.e. Threat List, or China Analysis list, for example.

If you'd like for this organisation set to be available to others in your organisation, select the tick box 'Save as a shared list'.

The organisation set you've just created will then be available in the 'organisation set' tab at the top of the 'new report' view that you were just in, should you wish to apply it to a new report. It will be clear whether it is a list just for your use (My Lists) or whether you have shared the list to others in your organisation only (Shared Lists):

How can I share the list of organisations with just one other in my organisation?

We now have the option to paste in a list of multiple organisations to your report in one go via the 'multiple organisation' search button:

Send the list of companies to the user in question. They can then paste these into the multiple organisation search option as shown below and create their own private organisation set too:

Handy Hint: If you're looking to locate all organisations patenting within a particular technology, start your report with your technology classifier instead and create a Cipher Landscape report.

If you would like more information about Organisation sets, our Industry specific modules, or help in creating custom org sets, please do speak with a member of our support team.

Need help? Request support and we'll connect you with a Cipher expert. 

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